Airtech Develops Medical Equipment to Treat COVID19 Respiratory Syndrome. Recent research has shown that Nitric Oxide delivered in metered doses kills or inhibits the replication cycle of the coronavirus (1) (2). Based on its long history of developing solutions for precisely controlling the movement of medical gases, Airtech’s Advanced Custom Engineering team was approached to co-develop a Nitric Oxide dosing machine. After the system was fully designed, manufactured and thoroughly tested in under a week, two team members loaded it into a vehicle for the 1800 mile drive from Rutherford, NJ, to a leading Louisiana medical center, and remained on site to support evaluation over the ensuing weekend. The approval by an Institutional Review Board was expedited, so that the solution will be going into human trials within days. If this treatment proves successful, it could save many lives of patients and afford additional protection to healthcare workers.


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