Industrial vacuum and blower technology can drive performance throughout the automotive industry, from assembly lines to repair shops. At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we carry a large selection of reliable vacuum and compression systems. Our products have helped many automotive manufacturers produce vehicles more efficiently.

About the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, air-powered equipment is utilized to speed up production processes, such as applying spray finishes, welding, and cutting. This type of equipment must be able to offer dependable operation in paint shop environments that are highly volatile. Most automotive parts need to be quickly dried and cleaned. Vacuum pumps and blowers are often chosen to complete the job. They can increase the speed at which vehicles can be serviced. That is the reason why compression equipment is also used to inflate tires and test tire pressure.

Common Applications for the Automotive Industry


Diesel Particulate Reduction

In the world of automotive, there are different types of particulates that have to be dealt with. In diesel vehicles, for instance,…

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated for Automotive Applications?

At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, our company is a full line manufacturer of durable and reliable vacuum and pressure technologies. We are ISO9001, UL-, CE-, RoHS-, and CSA-certified. That’s why our solutions have the ability to offer superior performance cycle after cycle. We understand that every industry faces its own set of challenges and has unique needs. Our team can design vacuum and compressed air solutions according to your specific requirements. Airtech strives to provide a pleasant experience every time you shop with us.

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