From special printing equipment to paper finishing, from pre-press to printing, Airtech Vacuum Incorporated knows how to keep your presses rolling. Our company carries a stellar range of compressors, vacuum pumps, and even customer-specific systems for the printing & paper industry.

About the Printing & Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry is composed of businesses that convert raw materials such as wood into pulp, paperboard, paper, and other cellulose-based products. During the manufacturing process, pulp is fed to a paper machine. It forms as a paper web so that water can be removed via pressing and drying methods. When it reaches the drying stage, air or heat is used to remove water from the paper sheets. As today’s printing processes require shorter changeover times and higher printing speeds, it is pertinent that you opt for vacuum pumps and blast air systems. These solutions are designed to help you meet your deadlines.

Common Applications for the Printing & Paper Industry

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Vacuum and pressure is critically important in the printing or paper industry operations. It can be used in a variety of applications…

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Paper processing involves a lot of activities within the manufacturing process. From the pre-press to the press industry, there is also the…



Pre-press is one of the important parts of the process of manufacturing papers specifically when producing printouts for use by other industries.…



Paper handling is one of the processes in the paper industry. This will require the use of overpressure and vacuum technologies fitted…

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3D Printing

In the 3D printing industry, vacuum pumps and blower systems are utilized for a wide range of applications. At Airtech Vacuum, we…

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated for Printing & Paper Applications?

Since the inception of Airtech Vacuum Incorporated in 1982, our dedication to helping businesses in the printing & paper industry realize durable and economical solutions for vacuum and pressure technologies has never wavered. Whether you specialize in the pre-press or post-press phases, Airtech has got your back. We understand that no two companies’ needs are the same and that’s why we offer custom engineering solutions as well.

If you have any questions regarding our printing & paper vacuum and pressure products, do not hesitate to contact Airtech today.