To prevent breakage during cooking, products such as ceramics must be free of air bubbles. One can eliminate the presence of dissolved gases by subjecting the material to a degassing process. If you are looking for a reliable blower to create a vacuum, look no further than Airtech Vacuum Incorporated. Our company carries a comprehensive range of industrial vacuum pumps that are suited for the ceramics industry.

About the Ceramics Industry

Industrial ceramics are usually defined as nonmetallic and inorganic materials that feature low thermal and electrical conductivity, chemical inertness, high melting temperatures, and high strength and hardness. However, they still display signs of sensitivity to flaws and brittleness. Many companies in the ceramics industry are required to dry ceramics while maintaining high intensity but uniform air flow. Industrial blowers are often chosen for the job. If the right blowers are chosen, they can give you energy savings of approximately 40%!

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated for Ceramics Applications?

Airtech Vacuum Incorporated strives to help our valued clients realize durable and economical solutions when it comes to vacuum and blower technologies for the ceramics industry. Our company is ISO9001, UL-, CSA-, CE-, and RoHS- certified. That’s why you can purchase products from us with complete peace of mind. Our solutions are designed to offer top-notch performance and durability. If you cannot find the product you want from our extensive line of ready to ship products, you can rest assured that we provide customized solutions as well.

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