3AVN Single-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for High Liquid Carryover

The Airtech 3AVN Series closed-coupled liquid ring vacuum pumps are an attractive option for many vacuum applications, offering low power requirements,compact design, and reliability.

The single-stage design incorporates valves, port cylinder, and a mechanical seal, facilitating capacity between 55 CFM and 125 CFM.

3AVN Features


  • Up to 5 times the delivery of liquid as compared  to conventional liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Stable suction capacity even when liquid is delivered
  • No need for pre-separation
  • Easy installation
  • Regulated power consumption ensures minimal operating costs
  • Extremely low noise levels
  • Patented hydraulic and assembly system

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Nominal Capacity (ACFM)
Pump Speed (RPM)
Max Vacuum (inches HgV)
3AVN95 65 6.2 1750 28.2
3AVN125 90 8.9 1750 28.2
3AVN180 125 11 1750 28.2