Capsule Vacuum Gauges

Capsule Vacuum Gauges
AIRTECH’s Capsule Vacuum Gauges are designed to measure absolute pressure in Torr and give readings that are independent of barometric pressure. Variation of pressure causes deformation of the hermetically-sealed aneroid capsule. The evacuated capsule transfers this movement mechanically to the pointer that indicates the pressure in absolute terms.

VCG Gauge Features
Capsule Vacuum Gauges

  • Accuracy
    • +/- 2% of full scale deflection
  • Range & Graduations
    • VCG 100 0-100 Torr
    • 2 Torr/scale division
    • Range & Graduations
    • VCG 760 0-760 Torr
    • 10 Torr/scale division
    • Materials of Construction
    • Case – aluminum alloy with “O” ring sealed tempered glass face
    • Dial Plate – aluminum
    • Pointer – aluminum
    • Pressure element – beryllium copper
    • Connection
    • 1/4″ MNPT Bottom Connection

Dimensions (inches)


Bourdon Tube Vacuum Gauges

The AIRTECH Bourdon Tube Vacuum Gauges are designed for general vacuum service. These gauges are commonly used on central systems, in OEM applications and for industrial services that require indication in inches of mercury (in. Hg).

This general purpose gauge is designed for use when pressure medium is non-corrosive to brass or phosphor bronze.

Model Ranges Accuracy Graduations Movement  Case and Ring Pointer Connection Dial Size
VG-2 0-30″ Hg 2% 1″ Hg Brass High-Impact Polycarbonate Polycarbonate 1/4″ NPT Back 2″
VG-4 0-30″ Hg 1% .5″ Hg Brass SS case with pressed-on ring-acrylic lens Aluminum- Friction 1/4″ NPT Bottom 4 1/4″