The AIRTECH Dual Knock-out Pot / Inlet Filter is designed to protect your vacuum pump from liquid slugs and solid debris.

Preventing entry of liquids and solid particulates into the pump will reduce pump oil / contamination, improves operating efficiency and prolongs the life of the pump.

Entrained liquid is separated in the knock-out pot by a unique baffle design. Elimination of demister pads minimizes pressure drop in the vessel.

Multi-stage separation is accomplished by the initial tangential entry of the gas stream baffle location; the particulate filter which removes solids down to 10 micron in size.

Knockout Pot Features

Dual Knock-Out Pots

  • Simplistic space saver design, for liquid and solid separation
  •  Removable cover with V-band closure and T-bolts (no tools required)
  •  Carbon steel or stainless steel housing designed and tested for full vacuum service
  •  Self-supporting on three legs for free standing installation
  • Access ports for 3 level switches, sight glass, and various instrumentation
  •  Liquid drain valve
  •  Design pressure – Full vacuum
  •  Design temperature – 20 to +2000 °F

AT-KOP Knock Out Pot Dimensions (Inches)

Model A B C D E F G H I Inlet Exhaust Condensate Volume
AT-KOP-8 8 55 25 25 18 2.5 20 22.5 37 2″-150# 2″-150# 5 gal.
AT-KOP-11 10.75 61.375 25.875 35.69 18 2.5 20 22.5 40.75 3″-150# 3″-150# 10 gal.

 AT-KOP Knock Out Pot Dimensions (Inches)