This is an automatic process of stacking cases or packages onto a pallet and also removing the packages from the pallet (de-palletising ). A vacuum pump, suction cups, and other pneumatic equipments are used in this machine. The machines pick up multiple boxes all at once and place them together on a stack. Placing of the boxes manually can be very time consuming and can also put a lot of stress on workers. For this reason many industries choose the palletising method during the production process.

The palletising machine employs robotic technology where the end of arm tool is used to grab the goods and placing them onto the pallet. Today, because speed and accuracy is required during production, automated palletising machines are used to accomplish this job. Vacuums are also used during this process in the holding and handling of tier sheets that are usually put in between the stack of boxes or in between the packages. At Airtech vacuum Incorporated, we have all the vacuums that apply perfectly for the palletising machine.

About The Palletising Industry

There are different types of palletising machines including the row-forming machine. In this machine, loads or packages are arranged on a row forming area and then moved to another area where stacking in layers takes place. This process keeps repeating until goods are formed in full layers ready to be placed on a pallet. The in-liner is a palletising machine which is most suitable for when speed is needed during palletising. It uses a continuous motion flow divider that guides the goods to a specific desired area for layer forming.

Airtech’s gripping systems allow you to control the production process during automation process hence increasing productivity. Our systems can be used for layer and vacuum gripping and ready to install suction caps for any part of the pallet machine. Our vacuum pumps are of the highest standards which ensures palletising, picking, and de-palletising. Airtech provides you with vacuums capable of consuming less amounts of energy, vacuum pumps that secure packages and fast grip thanks to high vacuum flow and high speeds due to powerful suction cups.

Common Products For Palletising Industry

  • 3BA High Pressure Regenerative Pumps
  • VCX pumps
  • … and many more

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Palletising?

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