This is a process by which film tubes are inflated with compressed air to provide cushioning. These packaging air pillows are then used for product protection during transport. An air pillow is made out of two layers of film containing an air valve in between, the film is then heat pressed with high temperature mold to melt them together to form air shapes and tubes, so that the air pillows can have a variety of shapes and styles. At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we understand that your needs may differ depending on yourtype of production.

About the Packaging Air Pillows Industry

After production of the air pillows, they are transported either flat or inflated as needed by the client. Air pressure inside the air pillows is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside, which gives the air pillow strength and stability. Vacuums play an important role as they are used for testing leaks in these air cushions. Therefore, at Airtech, we provide vacuums for all type s of air pillow machines. If you need void fill equipment that is a bit small scale for your production, we recommend that you chose a bench operated machine that comes with a highly efficient vacuum.

If your production is high scale, our vacuums will work perfectly with the fill-air-cyclone air pillow machines that make more than 140 air pillows per minute. We also have vacuums used in heavy-duty air pillow machines for the busy and large-scale production lines and businesses. These usually make void fill pillows in a wide range of styles and sizes, perforating each sheet to speed up the filling process.

Here are some of the features of our vacuum pumps that make Airtech Vacuum pumps better than other competitors.

Speed: Our vacuum systems are capable of producing over 100 feet of air pillow material per min, which allows for more production within a short time span.

Highly efficient: Simply load your film in the air filler machine and our vacuums are ready for operation. They require very little to no maintenance aswell.

Common Products For The Packaging Air Pillows Industry

  • 3BA High Pressure Regenerative Pumps
  • … and many more

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Packaging Air Pillows?

At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we don’t just distribute products. We are a company with over 30 years experience in vacuum and air pressure systems manufacture. Our company continues to grow with the help of our skilled engineers, high quality equipment, application, vacuum technology experts, and many branches across two continents. We are committed to our goal of providing exceptional service and solutions for all our customers.

Our company is motivated to always provide the best for our clients. We take all measures to ensure our products and services are of the highest of standards. Our ISO 9001 certification assures you of our consistent high quality products.

With a wide range of vacuums for the packaging industry, we can take care of all your packaging air pillow vacuum needs. Whether your production demands custom built systems or specific equipment, Airtech Vacuum is here for you.

Leaf through our inventory today for packaging air pillows vacuum solutions and buy at competitive prices.

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