Forming using vacuum is a process used in many different industries. The process is used to join together materials or form them into specific shapes. An easy example is cheap Halloween masks. They take a sheet of plastic and use a vacuum to suck the warm plastic sheet over the mould. The sheet then cools over the mould creating a sharp definition. Vacuum pumps are also widely used to profile and form many other products including bottles, sinks, cups, bowls and many other products. During the forming process, vacuum pumps are also used to extract gases and other substances that may interfere with the quality and shape of the end product. At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we provide highly efficient vacuums that are sure to bring sharp and quality material into the mould ensuring the best outcome for your product.

About The Forming Industry

High quality Vacuums play very crucial role in the forming process. In the case of complex shaped plastics, which are hard to mold, a powerful vacuum usually comes in handy. Since the pressure of the vacuum can be controlled, the resulting plastic comes out sharp with uniform thickness and correct dimensions. The extraction of air in the material during the process also ensures a smooth quality end product.

Pressing and laminating are also other methods similar to forming. Pressing using vacuum is used in the wood industry. When the shape of wood cannot allow for them to be glued together and pressed, a vacuum is used to attach the veneers or to join synthetics to the wood. An example is when vacuum is used to attach synthetic veneer to furniture surfaces.

Laminating under vacuum is a process used to join together different layers of materials. It is commonly used in the electronics and semiconductors industries. Smartphone, different parts of solar modules and flat screens are made this way under vacuum.

Common Products For The Forming Industry

  • L Pumps Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps
  • 3 AV 330 Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps
  • 3 AL Series Self-Contained Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Forming?

At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated we strive to be the best. Since 1982, we have been manufacturing and selling vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors of exceptional quality. With over 30 years experience in vacuum pump and pressure pump technology, you can be sure that our services will be of highest quality and standards. We have a wide range of options for any equipment you need for your production. We continue to develop our products everyday in order to meet all our clients’ needs.

Our company is also ISO 9001- 2008 certified, and all our products have all the necessary certifications to meet the needs of all our customers. Our vacuum and pumps quality has continued to grow steadily over the years to date. Our resourceful and highly skilled team of technicians and engineers take over the job of maintaining our products; making sure that all equipment is always in good condition.

For more information regarding our vacuum technologies for forming equipment, browse our inventory today.

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