There is a great array of uses for medical respiratory devices. One of those areas includes the operating room. If you have undertaken the task of sourcing for vacuum pumps for respiratory devices, look no further than Airtech Vacuum Incorporated.

About the Respiratory Devices Industry

Today, patients with impaired respiratory function receive respiratory gas mechanically from respiratory devices. The respiratory gas is often enriched with oxygen and conveyed into the lungs with the aid of a positive pressure. Entire respiratory activities of patients are also monitored by highly dynamic differential pressure sensors and highly sensitive thermal mass flow sensors. Here is a quick look at two fundamentally different respiration methods:

  • Assisted respiration: spontaneous breathing effort is merely supported by the respiratory device, with a set overpressure.
  • Controlled respiration: the patient’s respiration effort is fully assumed by the ventilator, with preset respiratory volume or pressures.

Modern respiratory devices have the ability to automatically adjust both the exhalations and inhalations to the patient’s unique needs. Respiratory devices are also available in an array of versions – as mobile home respiratory devices, long-term respiratory devices for intensive care applications, and emergency respiratory devices for rescue applications.

Respiratory devices that are used to treat patients with lung diseases are usually equipped with gas ring blowers. They need to compress the air for breathing, filter it, and then enrich it with the prescribed medication or oxygen. Today, side channel blowers are can also be found in half stationary or portable respiratory devices.

Common Products for the Respiratory Devices Industry

  • HP Dry Piston Vacuum Pumps
  • CID

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Respiratory Devices?

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