The industrial parts cleaning industry includes a list of sub-industries and applications. Included in this list is dry-blasting. This can be subcategorized further into different types with dry ice blasting as the precision cleaning breakthrough which has benefit a lot of industries, including commercial enterprises. It is applicable when cleaning sensitive parts like semiconductors as well as removing heavy slag in industrial equipment. To make this part of the process efficient, the use of vacuum and pressure technologies is recommended. At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we can install these products for your dry-blasting needs.

About the Dry-Blasting Industry

Dry-blasting is a process where the work piece is cleaned and blow dried using a side channel blower. When choosing vacuum and pressure technologies, it is important to consider the pressure and flow volume of the air stream. This will be important for the degree of dryness that should be achieved from the process. Steam, after all, can be moist and can leave the industrial part wet if the vacuum is not chosen properly. The temperature of the air stream is also important in making sure that the machine will work effectively in the drying process.

Dry blasting is an important industry within the industrial cleaning parts industry. With the carefully chosen vacuum technology, there is a guarantee that this will help when it comes to cleaning the part without compromising the surface. It is common for metal parts and other types of surfaces to be prone to dents and scratches without the right tool to make use of. As soon as your industry has chosen your vacuum technologies accordingly, there will be no complication in the process.

Common Products for the Dry-Blasting Industry

  • 3AV Series Vacuum Pumps
  • 3AL Series Oil Free Vacuum Pumps
  • 3BA High Pressure Regenerative Blowers
  • DC Variable Speed Blowers
  • … and more!

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Dry-Blasting?

Founded in 1982, Airtech Vacuum Incorporated has been known as a manufacturer of a wide variety of vacuum and blower technologies, including variable speed blowers, dry vane rotary vacuum pumps, oil-less vacuum pumps, and more. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to serve each industry with unparalleled technology. You can be sure that our regenerative blowers and vacuum pumps for dry-blasting offer ease of operation and ease of installation with features that will make industrial parts cleaning a whole lot easier. When you work with us for your industry needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are also ISO9001, UL-, CE-, RoHS-, and CSA-certified.

Our team of knowledgeable engineers will analyze each situation. This is their first step to understand your industry requirements. From here, we will customize vacuum and pressure-based technologies that will meet industry standards. You are given a lot of choices, including blowers that are nickel-plated and those with magnetic drives. This is an assurance that we always offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We are confident that we handle every order with care.

Start browsing through our inventory today and source for top-notch dry-blasting vacuum and pressure products with exceptional ease!