If you are looking to get vacuum and pressure solutions for the production and preservation of regenerative vegetables, look no further than Airtech Vacuum Incorporated. We are a reputable distributor and manufacturer headquartered in Rutherford, New Jersey.

About the Regenerative Vegetables Industry

Regenerative vegetables are a product of regenerative agriculture. The latter refers to farming and grazing practices that aim to reverse climate change by restoring degraded soil biodiversity and rebuilding soil organic matter. Ideal results from this type of agriculture include improved water cycle and carbon drawdown. One of the main goals of growing regenerative vegetables is not only doing no harm to the land but improve it as well via varying technologies that revitalize and regenerate both the environment and the soil.

Here is a quick look at the key principles of regenerative agriculture:

  • Agriculture shifts the world
  • Connecting farms to their larger bioregion and agroecosystem
  • Ensuring continued evolution of agro-ecological cultures and processes
  • Express the unique essence of each place, farm, and person
  • Always make holistic decisions aimed at the improvement of specific systems
  • Design for multi-capital, non-linear reciprocity
  • Work with wholes, not just parts

When the soil is healthier, it gets easier to produce nutrient dense and higher quality food. This also leads to more productive farms and healthier communities and economies. You can now see that regenerative agriculture comprises holistic and dynamic, incorporating permaculture and organic farming practices. Topsoil is improved and food production is increased via pasture cropping, mobile animal shelters, composting, crop rotation, crops covering, and conservation tillage.

Why are regenerative vegetables so important today? It is due to the loss of the Earth’s biodiversity and fertile soil, as well as the loss of indigenous seeds and knowledge. Without taking prompt action, we could risk posing a mortal threat to our future survival.

Common Products for the Regenerative Vegetables Industry

  • 3BA High Pressure Regenerative Blowers

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated for Regenerative Vegetables?

At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we understand that minimizing operating costs is essential for survival in today’s competitive regenerative vegetables industry. That’s why our regenerative blowers are not only economical to purchase, but they are also economical to own. Airtech was established in 1982 and is both a distributor and manufacturer of top-notch vacuum and pressure technologies. What’s more, we are UL-, CE-, RoHS-, and CSA-certified and meet ISO9001 requirements. When you shop at Airtech, you can always shop while enjoying complete peace of mind.

Airtech caters to different groups of customers including those who are in the market for ready to ship products, and those who are looking to get custom engineering and design solutions for regenerative vegetables blowers. We continually strive to help our clients resolve the pain points they are facing in their industry. Our friendly representatives are also on standby to help you find best match products for your regenerative vegetables application and answer any concerns you may have.

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