In today’s time, it is pretty rare to find ham products that have been smoked or dried in a traditional fireplace. Modern ham products are often soaked in a curing solution, which is designed to penetrate the ham directly and more quickly after the air has been successfully extracted from the pores of the cured meat. At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we carry a comprehensive range of industrial vacuum pumps, compressors, and blowers that suit ham drying applications.

About The Ham Drying Industry

Ham is identified as pork that has been preserved through methods such as wet curing, smoking, or salting. The product was traditionally made only from the hind leg of swine. One of the purposes of ham drying was to dehydrate the meat so that its shelf and storage lifespan could be extended. Alternatively, ham drying could simply be one of various processing steps in the manufacture of specific ham products. With that said, the manufacture of fermented meat products like raw hams is a good example where drying is an integral processing component amongst several others.

Common Products for the Ham Drying Industry

  • Prevent fat from turning rancid and the occurrence of microbial spoilage
  • Ensure proper air circulation on the ham product
  • Eliminate potential quality deficiencies such as off-flavors, changes in color, and more
  • Increase the temperature in a given volume of air
  • Speed up ham drying process
  • … and more!

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Ham Drying?

Airtech Vacuum Incorporated was established in 1982 and provides innovative and industrial-grade compressed gas and vacuum solutions to a great array of processes and applications utilized in many different industries, ham drying included. Since our inception, we have been a leading choice for ham drying vacuum pumps and blowers. Our products are not only resistant to abrasion and corrosion, but prevent the buildup of deposits and lime scale as well. What’s more, they are constructed using high-quality materials, which ensure utmost reliability for years to come.

Looking to get industrial ham drying solutions that lead to evident energy savings or require vacuum pumps and compressors that feature low noise levels? Airtech has got your back. Our dedicated team of engineers is able to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs. You can expect our products to perform flawlessly day in and day out, with virtually no down time! As we are also ISO9001, UL-, CE-, RoHS-, and CSA-certified, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you work with us for your ham drying needs.

Don’t know which vacuum pump or compressor system best suit your company’s needs? Do not fret as our sales representatives possess expert know-how in ham drying applications and can determine the best products for your specific application within a very short turn-around time. We do not believe in providing cookie-cutter solutions, and that’s why you can always expect the best from us.

Start browsing through our inventory today and source for top-notch ham drying blowers and pumps with exceptional ease!