A common problem that business owners face in the fish is the challenge of limiting weight loss when during fish cleaning processes. What’s more, there is a huge variety of customer specific products in this sector. Each of them requests for their own standard weights, packaging requirements, and types of processing. Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we carry a comprehensive range of vacuum pumps for the maintenance and improvement of fish cleaning machines.

About The Fish Cleaning Machines Industry

Due to an ever increasing population’s demand for protein, aquaculture has become one of the fastest growing food sectors with fish. Biosecurity plays a significant role in the intensive production of species such as shrimps, catfish, tilapia, salmon, and carp. Heavy duty detergent based cleaners are used to remove gross soiling on pond and tank surfaces and other disinfectants specifically selected for the industry are also used to make equipment handling during fish cleaning safe for both operators and the environment. The goal is to treat the living environment for fish and reduce disease-causing organisms.

With that said, there is a need to bridge the gap between food production and site security, and also employ the same concept into fish delivery systems, processing, and preparation. For this purpose, fish speed cleaning machines are utilized. Some of the notable characteristics of fish cleaning machines include:

  • Special designed water spraying systems for cleaning fish and moving them forward during the dissecting process
  • PLC programs, optoelectronic real-time systems, and Hybrid Synergy Drives to coordinate use of vacuum tank to extract the internal organs of fish
  • Cleaning thousands of fishes, internal organs, and membranes on an hourly basis via a brush wheel

Common Products for the Fish Cleaning Machines Industry

  • Vacuum pumps for sucking live fish mixed with sea water from fishing boats and farming basins
  • Vacuum pumps for sucking live fish from feeding cages to grading equipment
  • Vacuum pumps for sucking live fish from buffering pools to processing plants
  • Vacuum pumps for displacing live fish from storage vessels to the butchery point
  • … and more!

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Fish Cleaning Machines?

Airtech Vacuum Incorporated has been manufacturing and developing industry-leading vacuum systems for fish cleaning machines since 1982. Whether you are looking to get liquid ring vacuum pumps or oil-free vacuum pumps, we have got your back. Since our inception, our team continually strives to serve each industry with products and services that ensure superior performance cycle after cycle. As our company also possesses certifications pertaining to ISO9001, UL, CE, RoHS, and CSA, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when work with us for your industrial vacuum needs.

We understand that no clients’ needs are the same and that’s why we provide top-notch vacuum custom design and engineering solutions for fish cleaning equipment. Simply inform us your unique requirements and our dedicated team of engineering specialists will develop a cost-effective solution based on your needs. If you are only looking for spare parts, we encourage that you browse through our extensive line of ready to ship products as well.

Start browsing through our inventory today and source for vacuum and pressure products for your fish cleaning machines with exceptional ease!