Biogas is recognized as a source of valuable green energy that can be used for cooling, heating, and electrical applications. The gas also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient loss in manure processing plants, and more. If you are looking for reliable blowers that are suited for the biogas production compressors industry, look no further than Airtech Vacuum Incorporated.

About the Biogas Production Compressors Industry

Biogas can be produced by breaking down organic material with the assistance of bacteria in an anaerobic or oxygen-free environment. While anaerobic digestion processes happen naturally, anaerobic digesters are utilized in biogas plants to accelerate the process. This helps create the most ideal conditions for bacteria and micro-organisms to multiply, which materials to break down effectively and efficiently. On average, biogas contains:

  • Up to 40% carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Up to 80% methane (CH4)
  • Trace gases, including toxic nitrous oxide and hydrogen sulphide

Today, biogas plants receive a wide variety of organic waste, including organic industrial waste and livestock manure. Carbon, which is found in the dry solids in livestock manure, is transformed into biogas. The waste and manure will be mixed in the plant’s receiving tank and then heated to approximately 38-52°C. After that, the contents are pumped into the digester in which the biogas is produced. As the biomass stays in the digester for up to three weeks, the fermented slurry can subsequently be turned into crop fertilizer. Some of the advantages of this fertilizer includes less odor and reduction of green house gasses.

The typical uses of biogas include:

  • Being used to produce electricity and distribute heat in the plant’s gas engine or CHP unit.
  • Being injected into natural gas grids (it must be upgraded to natural gas beforehand).
  • Being used as fuel for transportation.

Common Products for the Biogas Production Compressors Industry

  • 3BA High Pressure Regenerative Blowers

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Biogas Production Compressors?

Since 1982, Airtech Vacuum Incorporated has been a reputable, full line manufacturer of vacuum and pressure technologies for the biogas production industry. Our products meet the high standards set to produce high quality vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers and more. We are ISO9001-2008, UL-, CE-, RoHS-, and CSA-certified so you can be at peace knowing that your products are manufactured by qualified engineers.

Engineers at Airtech ensure that they keep up with new technologies so that they can help different industries to keep up with the new sets of modern challenges that face them. They are focused on creating stellar custom engineered products to fit a variety of applications. We have a ready to ship inventory that you can order directly from but we also encouraging talking to our representatives first to ensure that the equipment you pick fits your application needs. Shopping online with us is easy and we take your cyber security seriously to ensure that all your data is safe.

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