It is important to compress gases before they are even released through pipelines for further use. Compression is also proven relevant in reducing the volume required for a storage space. As the name suggests, compressors are made to squeeze or condense gas in order to fit into the space within which it will be used. Through the aid of vacuum pumps, gas compression becomes possible. At Airtech, we can install vacuum pumps and blowers for gas compression.

About the Gas Compression Industry

Gas compression is essential when transferring or transporting gas to deliver its specific functions. It is used several times not just in the process of production but in the transportation cycle as well. The process starts when gas is collected from low-pressure wells up to gathering systems. From there, it will be transported either to storage systems or to the end user. Additionally, gas compression can also be used in other gas storage projects within the normal operation cycles. It is also a process chosen for compression applications in petrochemical plants and gas refineries.

With the ever-changing gas compression industry, there is a need to update technologies to comply with industry requirements. This is where claw vacuum pumps and compressors have been introduced to offer help in the industry. Vacuum pumps play a great role in making sure that the gas compression process is carried on properly from the starting point to the finish line. It is an assurance that there will be no loopholes along the lines of transporting gas from its source to the storage system or to the end user.

Common Products for the Gas Compression Industry

  • PCX100 Rotary Claw Compressors
  • PCX305 Rotary Claw Compressors
  • VCX150 Rotary Claw Vacuum Pumps
  • … and more!

Why Choose Airtech Vacuum Incorporated For Gas Compression?

At Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, we make sure that our customers will get easily operable and installable gas compression products for their needs. Our company is established in 1982 and since then, we have been manufacturing a wide variety of vacuum and blower technologies, including variable speed blowers, rotary claw compressors, rotary claw vacuum pumps, and more. Our dedicated team of experts works to provide our customers with the best vacuum and blower pump technologies. Since we are ISO9001, UL-, CE-, RoHS-, and CSA-certified, you get enough guarantee that we only deliver high quality products for your gas compression applications.

Our knowledgeable engineers work tirelessly to deliver quality products to our consumers. We are always ready to analyze your unique situation and match the best pressure-based and vacuum technologies with your needs. Whether you need a rotary claw compressor or a rotary claw pump, Airtech will always back you up. With us, you can be sure that every order is handled and delivered with care. We also offer very competitive rates in the market for regenerative blowers and vacuum pumps including accessories for these technologies.

Start browsing through our inventory today and source for top-notch gas compression vacuum and pressure products with exceptional ease!

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